ISO 42001:2023 - Information technology - Artificial intelligence - Management system

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ISO 42001:2023 - Information technology - Artificial intelligence - Management system

Managing the complex lifecycle of AI systems requires a structured and systematic
approach. ISO 42001:2023, the world’s first international standard for AI management
systems, provides a framework for organizations to establish and maintain effective AI
management practices.

This standard outlines a set of requirements for organizations to implement an AI management system. This system helps ensure a consistent and high-quality approach throughout the AI lifecycle, from planning and development to deployment and

  • Streamlines the AI Development Lifecycle: ISO 42001 provides a structured framework
    to manage various stages of AI development, promoting efficient project execution and
    clear communication among stakeholders.
  • Ensures Consistent and High-Quality AI Systems: By establishing defined processes and
    controls, organizations can ensure consistent quality and reliability throughout the AI
    development process.
  • Promotes Continuous Improvement in AI Practices: The standard encourages regular
    audits and reviews to identify areas for improvement, fostering a culture of continuous
    learning and innovation within the AI development process.
  • AI Developers: Responsible for designing, building, and testing AI systems within the
    framework of the management system.
  • Data Scientists: Working with data collection, preparation, and analysis activities aligned
    with the management system requirements.
  • Project Managers: Overseeing AI projects, ensuring adherence to established processes
    and timelines.
  • Management Teams: Providing leadership and resources for implementing and maintaining
    the AI management system.

By adopting an ISO 42001 compliant AI management system, organizations can:

  • Achieve greater efficiency and transparency throughout the AI development process.
  • Reduce risks associated with AI projects by proactively identifying and addressing potential
  • Increase the success rate of AI initiatives by establishing clear expectations and promoting

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