Level 3 International Award in Emergency Paediatric First Aid

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This training is designed for those who would  anticipate into the Health and Safety Industries

Level 3 International Award in Emergency Paediatric First Aid


Who is this qualification for?

This qualification has been developed specifically for those who wish to gain the knowledge and skills required to enable them to provide effective emergency paediatric first aid. The qualification is designed for learners such as parents and relatives, pre-school or nursery staff, toddler group volunteers, childminders and nannies, au pairs and foster parents, or those responsible for caring for infants and children.

How long will it take?

This international qualification would be typically delivered to learners through a 1-day training course (6 hours)

Topics covered

Topics covered include the role of the paediatric first-aider, assessing an emergency situation, unresponsive casualties (breathing and not breathing), airway obstruction, wounds and bleeds and shock.

Assessment method

This qualification is assessed by a practical demonstration and written/oral questioning.

Highfield recommends that you contact the relevant government department in the country that you want to deliver the training to ensure that there are no additional approval requirements. It may be that you are required to register as a training provider within the country itself. Highfield approves Centres based on its own criteria, and does not represent any other organisations or departments.

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