Personal Protective Equipment

protects chemical and physical hazards. It’s critical to be aware of the dangerous compounds you work with or may come into contact with, and to adapt your personal protective equipment (PPE) accordingly.


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Course Overview

This PPE Training course is designed to familiarise employers, senior staff, and employees with all the fundamental aspects of PPE that is used in work environments.

The course looks at legislation relating to PPE, the various types of PPE that protect workers from hazards, and how to determine the need for PPE. With this knowledge, learners will be fully prepared to select and use PPE properly so health and safety is upheld at work.

This course provides every professional involved with the knowledge and skills to ensure the safe use and maintenance of PPE (General and Specific) asper Abu Dhabi local regulation OSHAD SF (CoP – 2.0   Personal Protective Equipment v.3.0 and other work related CoPs ) and International good practices as well as standards of OSHA

Learning Objectives


Learners will be able to implement the importance of personal protective equipment, the relevant legislation relating to it, risk assessments, and employers and employees' duties.


Learners will be able to identify the proper and effective usage of PPE.


Learners will gain a mastery of the importance of safety signs, maintaining and properly storing equipment, and ensuring that it is suitable for its intended user.


Learners will be able to develop an understanding on the various protective equipments available and how to use them.

Course Outline

Day One
  •  Introduction and Legislation
  •  Selection, Use, and Maintenance
  •  Breathing, Skin, and Eye Protection
  •  Hearing and Head Protection
  •  Body and Foot Protection

Who Should Attend?

This highly practical and interactive course has been specifically designed for:

Anyone who works in an industry with high-risk activities, which often require the use of additional protection beyond other control measures. It is particularly useful for people in charge of upholding health and safety at work and selecting and providing PPE, such as employers and supervisors. But it is also suitable for employees, as it fully educates learners on how to meet legal requirements and use PPE properly.

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