Power plant process operation


Power plant operators regulate and supervise boilers, turbines, generators, and any auxiliary apparatus in power-generating plants.

Power plant process operation Services

A typical power station burns millions of dirhams worth of fuel every week. Maximising plant efficiency in the face of plant problems, operational requirements and changes in fuel supply can save thousands and reduce the environmental impact of power generation.

This training course provides an overview of the fundamental principles of operation, control, construction, fabrication, and composition of the most common types of fossil-fuelled power plants, such as thermal, gas, and diesel power plants, as well as chosen in-depth knowledge.
The curriculum also gives participants an understanding of electrical and mechanical engineering principles and theories, as well as electrical machines and electrical drives, thermodynamics, and other topics to help them advance their expertise in the field.

This training course not only provides a thorough understanding of power plant control variables and instrumentation techniques, but it also covers methods for monitoring and controlling processes, as well as the operation of control devices such as valves, sensors, actuators, heat exchanges, and compressors.

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