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To prepare individuals who are involved in erecting, disassembling, moving, operating, repairing, maintaining, or inspecting a scaffold


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Course Overview

The purpose of this course of instruction is to provide scaffold erectors and users with the
regulations, safety guidelines and procedures needed to recognize and eliminate hazards in the field.
Satisfactory achievement of the course objectives will assist you in satisfying the OSHA training
requirements as defined in 29 CFR 1926.454.

Learning Objectives


Specify the General Requirements for Frame, Tube & Clamp, and System Scaffolding


Determine the Specific Safety Rules and Steps Associated with the Erection of Frame Scaffolding.


Determine the Specific Safety Rules and Steps Associated with the Erection of Tube & Clamp Scaffolding


Determine the Specific Safety Rules and Step Associated with the Erection of System Scaffolding.


Identify the Major Items to Consider when Performing Scaffold Inspection

Course Outline

Day One
  • Module One is basic Competent Person training including overview of the 25 types of scaffolding in the OSHA
    regulation, and coverage of the OSHA requirements. It also covers recommended assembly procedures. It is
    including step by step assembly instructions and inspection checklist. This first module is excellent for Competent
    Inspectors. It is the prerequisite for all other modules.
  • Module Two (Day 2) consists of practical hands-on erection and dismantling of several types of of frame,
    tube & coupler, and “system” scaffolds.
  • Module Three (Day 3) covers scaffold design & loading, including how to determine what size scaffold is
    needed, how to do scaffold drawings, how to calculate the scaffold material required, and how to
    calculate the weights on the scaffold planks, bearers, couplers, and posts (leg load). It also covers typical
    manufacturers allowable loading

Who Should Attend?

Engineers (Construction, Maintenance, HSE), Foreman, Supervisors, Officers, and Scaffolding Technician, HSE Trainers.

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