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We have perfected QA and Software Testing services, strategy and methodology that blend seamlessly into the development lifecycle without crossing the important boundary between the development and software quality assurance processes.

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Autonomous Software Quality Assurance Company

With distinctive skilled experts on board, we infuse eminence in your projects throughout the lifecycle of applications considering the procedure and techniques practiced by you. Our software testing services provide a scaffold to the prevailing software quality assurance services along with result based services for either testing or to kick off a project either it’s a startup or into its blooming phase.

Untested Software is Expensive

IBM estimates that a bug that costs $100 in the requirements phase will cost $1,500 in QA and $10,000 in production

1,500 → 10,000

21% of an average project budget goes into fixing defects that originate from requirements and design


The cost of technical debt for an average application with 300,000 lines of code is $1.1 million

$ 1.1 million


Manual Software Testing

We’ve contributed to healthy releases for projects ranging from agile to hybrid development, to waterfall

Test Strategy

Test Execution


Software Testing Automation Company



ROI-driven automation strategy


Service 2

Development of automated test with every language, framework, & tool



Automation of manual tests


Service 4

Introduction of automaton, BDD, and TDD to development teams

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