Valve technology


All piping systems are fitted with valves for controlling purposes or safety requirements. 

Valve technology Services

Understanding the function of each valve type has a significant impact on process quality, equipment and plant dependability, and overall activity costs. Different applications require different valve types for different flow characteristics. The valve’s operation has an impact on the system and the process. Understanding the issues with valves is critical for diagnosis, troubleshooting, and the necessary maintenance for the specific type of valves.

This Training will introduce participants to the various types of pumps and valves and their associated terminology. Centrifugal and positive-displacement pumps, packing, mechanical seals and sealing systems, bearings and couplings will all be discussed. Valves for isolation and valves for control will be addressed. 

The course will run through important criteria including Valves Troubleshooting & Maintenance, Valves Technology, also, the application of the different types of pumps will be discussed along with their suitability for different operational duties. Operation, troubleshooting and maintenance will be dealt with in depth.

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