Welding technology and processes


Welding is comparatively a new comer amongst the fabrication processes

Welding technology and processes Services

Welding is a method of welding two or more metal components together. It creates a permanent connection. The majority of materials can be welded in one way or another. Welding is a relatively new addition to the fabrication process list. Despite the fact that there are a variety of well-established welding methods, arc welding with coated electrodes remains the most prevalent welding method worldwide.

This  welding course will introduce you to the basic principles of welding . This has to do with the classification of the welding techniques and processes, alongside the classification of welding joints and types of welding. You will learn about the physics of welding as well as brazing and the principles of brazing. Then you will learn about soldering, adhesive bonding, and metal transfer in welding

Furthermore, you will study about metal transfers in welding and their importance in honing your welding skills in this welding course. This welding course will also teach you about welding physics and enhance your welding knowledge. You will have a thorough understanding of the fundamentals of welding at the end of this course, allowing you to become a better welder.

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