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Abu Dhabi Occupational Safety and Health System Framework

OSHAD SF (ADHPC) is a management tool that integrates Occupational Health and Safety management components of a business into one coherent system. The integration of these components allows the business to achieve its objectives efficiently by managing the impacts of various activities and minimizing workplace risks.

An OSHAD Gap Analysis objectively assesses how closely the existing management system aligns with the requirements of Abu Dhabi Occupational Safety and Health System Framework (OSHAD SF). Our professional team of OSHAD approved practitioners work with in-house teams to provide effective gap analysis support.

Our experts clearly identify the modifications required to comply with the OSHAD SF requirements and include detailed advice on the most effective way to implement changes. OrientMCT will then provide you with a Gap Analysis Report which outlines the OSHAD requirements and identifies where the company is meeting these and where further development is required.

The Gap Analysis Report will clearly identify all gaps between your system and requirements of the OSHAD SF and actions required to meet and address these gaps.

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As an OSHAD (ADPHC) approved “Grade A” consultancy company, we will develop the Occupational Safety and Health Management system documents in compliance with the latest version of the OSHAD requirements, which will include the OSH Policy, OSH Manual, System Procedures, Operational Procedures, Risk Register, Legal register etc.

With our experienced consultants having experience in working with different sectors will benefit the company to have an Occupational Safety and Health Management system documents appropriate to their business operations. OrientMCT will assist the entities in submitting the Form C and ensure that the OSHAD approval is obtained from the concern sector regulator authority.

OrientMCT will assist the entities to implement an effective Occupational Safety and Health Management system as per the sector regulatory authority approved documents.

This shall include but limited to submission of quarterly performance reports, conducting internal audits, assisting in closing nonconformances, conducting regular inspections, arranging OSH committee meetings, conducting emergency drills, organizing management review meeting, conducting risk assessments, regular review of documents, conducting trainings, assisting during external audits and managing the overall occupational safety and health system within the entity

OrientMCT will provide different kinds of trainings for different level of the people in an organization. Workshop for the Top Management to brief the requirements of OSHAD and what is their roles and responsibilities in implementing the OSHAD system. Awareness training for the managers / selected staff to describe the requirements of OSHAD system to make them aware about the system.

An OSH internal auditor training for the internal auditor(s) who will be performing the internal audit within the entity for the OSH system. OSHAD implementation training for the key people responsible to implement the system within the entity.

With our qualified consultants having experience in working with different sectors we will conduct the internal audits to assess the effective implementation of the occupational safety and health management system within the entity. The internal audit process will help the entities to identify the deviations from the standards and the opportunities to improve their system.

OrientMCT submits a detailed internal audit report with the all the audit findings, audit finding classification and opportunities for improvement. The Consultants will assist the entity in closing the nonconformance(s) identified during the internal audit.  

As an OSHAD approved “Grade A” auditing company, we will conduct OSHAD External Compliance audits to comply with the legal requirements for companies.

With our experienced OSHAD approved auditors having experience in auditing different sectors like Building & Construction, Industrial, Hospitality, Healthcare, Waste Management, Food, Commercial, Energy, Educational, Transport and Government will assess the effective implementation of the OSHAD system within the company. With our expertise we will also provide recommendations for the continual improvement of the system in the company.  

Our OSHAD External Audit services go beyond the standard requirements, ensuring a thorough examination of your safety management system. We evaluate your organization’s compliance with OSHAD regulations and provide valuable insights for continuous improvement.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

An OSHAD audit is a systematic, independent, and documented process for obtaining audit evidence and evaluating it objectively to determine the extent to which OSHAD standards and requirements are fulfilled. The audit helps ensure that organizations comply with the Occupational Safety and Health Abu Dhabi System Framework (OSHAD-SF), identify areas for improvement, and enhance overall workplace safety and health management
OSHAD certification refers to the formal recognition that an organization’s occupational safety and health management system complies with the standards set by the OSHAD-SF. Achieving certification often involves undergoing a thorough audit and demonstrating adherence to OSHAD guidelines, which can enhance an organization’s credibility and commitment to workplace safety.
OSHAD registration is the process through which organizations operating in Abu Dhabi register with the OSHAD regulatory authority. This involves submitting required documentation, such as safety and health management plans, and ensuring compliance with OSHAD standards. Registration is mandatory for organizations to legally operate and maintain occupational health and safety standards in Abu Dhabi.
An OSHAD Code of Practice (COP) provides detailed guidance and best practices on specific occupational safety and health topics. COPs are designed to help organizations comply with regulatory requirements and implement effective safety and health management practices in their workplaces. Examples of COP topics include risk management, incident reporting, and emergency preparedness.
The OSHAD System Framework (OSHAD-SF) is a comprehensive set of guidelines and standards for managing occupational safety and health in Abu Dhabi. It includes requirements for developing, implementing, and maintaining safety and health management systems, conducting risk assessments, and ensuring continuous improvement. The OSHAD-SF aims to protect workers and promote a safe working environment.
OSHAD elements refer to the key components outlined in the OSHAD-SF that organizations must address in their occupational safety and health management systems. These elements include:
  • Leadership and commitment
  • Policy and objectives
  • Planning
  • Implementation and operation
  • Performance measurement and monitoring
  • Management review
  • Continuous improvement
OSHAD standards and guidelines provide specific requirements and recommendations for maintaining workplace safety and health. These standards cover various aspects of occupational safety and health, such as hazard identification, risk assessment, training, and incident reporting. The guidelines help organizations understand and implement the standards effectively.
The OSHAD COP list includes all the Codes of Practice issued by OSHAD. Each COP addresses a different aspect of occupational safety and health, providing detailed guidance on compliance and best practices. The list typically includes COPs on topics like confined spaces, working at heights, electrical safety, and chemical handling.
The OSHAD mechanism refers to the procedures and processes established by OSHAD to ensure the effective implementation and enforcement of occupational safety and health standards. This mechanism includes the development of regulations, conducting audits and inspections, incident investigations, providing training and resources, and promoting continuous improvement in workplace safety.
The Abu Dhabi Public Health Center (ADPHC) is an entity that collaborates with OSHAD to promote public health and safety in Abu Dhabi. ADPHC works on various initiatives, including disease prevention, health promotion, and ensuring safe and healthy environments. It supports OSHAD’s efforts by providing expertise and resources related to occupational health and safety.

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