Advanced Internal Audit Techniques

Business Management

 The process by which an individual determines direction, influences a group, and directs the group toward a specific goal or mission. 

Advanced Internal Audit Techniques

Course Overview

Selection of appropriate techniques and tests.

  • Collecting relevant evidences including meetings, interviews, reports etc.

Course Objective

To be able t independently prepare the following with minimal supervision:

  • Produce a narrative of audit techniques used.
  • Produce a narrative of sample selected and used.
  • List and define the different types of Audit techniques that may be used for each audit test Fully document the used techniques and link it to the type of test.
  • Perform reasonable combination of the Audit techniques in order to achieve the audit test objectives and clearly link the used technique with the related Audit Program Step.
  • Use the correct Sampling type and fully document the sample basis used Independently complete the entire audit program for a specific assignment and respond to review points.
  • Independently prepare working paper file to support completed audit and respond to review points.
  • Document the conclusion based on the evidence obtained. Through the field work, collect all the required audit evidence to support the audit tests conclusion and audit opinion.
  • File the evidence in the related section with full reference and formalities needed for the working paper.
  • Ensure proper security of evidence saved under unique type or format such as electronic, samples, pictures, reports etc.
  • Review and wrap up the Audit file to make sure all tests are done according to the audit program.
  • Review and ensure that the previous Audit Report “if any” for the area under audit is being cleared or followed up during the audit fieldwork

Course Outcome

To be able to skillfully prepare the following:

    1. different types of Audit techniques that may be used for each audit test Description of Content
    2. Choosing the proper Audit techniques to perform the audit work programs steps and ensure to be in line with the Audit Test objectives.
    3. Different concepts and types of sampling processes
    4. types of test (i.e. test of controls, Substantive testing).

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