ISO 24368:2022 - Information technology - Artificial intelligence - Overview of ethical and societal concerns

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ISO 24368:2022 - Information technology - Artificial intelligence - Overview of ethical and societal concerns

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The ethical implications of AI development and deployment have become a critical area of focus. ISO 24368:2022 addresses this by providing an overview of key ethical and societal concerns associated with AI. 

This standard outline ethical considerations that organizations should take into account throughout the AI lifecycle. It emphasizes the importance of developing and deploying AI systems that are fair, accountable, transparent, and respect privacy. 

  • Promotes Ethical and Responsible Development of AI: By following the guidance in this standard, organizations can ensure their AI systems are built and used in a way that aligns with ethical principles and societal values. 
  • Builds Trust and Public Acceptance of AI Technologies: Demonstrating a commitment to ethical AI development helps build public trust and acceptance, fostering widespread adoption of AI solutions. 
  • Ensures AI Systems are Aligned with Societal Values: The standard encourages organizations to consider the potential societal impacts of AI and develop systems that contribute positively to society. 
  • AI Developers: Responsible for designing and building AI systems that adhere to ethical principles. 
  • Policymakers: Developing regulations and frameworks for ethical AI development and deployment. 
  • Business Leaders: Making strategic decisions about AI investments while ensuring responsible use of the technology. 
  • Project Managers: Integrating ethical considerations into AI project planning and execution. 

By embracing the principles of ethical AI outlined in ISO 24368, organizations can: 

  • Differentiate themselves in the marketplace by demonstrating a commitment to responsible AI practices. 
  • Enhance brand reputation and foster trust among customers and stakeholders. 
  • Attract and retain top talent who value ethical considerations in technology development. 

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