Ergonomic Safety

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Course Overview

The main goal of Egonomics Safety training program is to improve your ergonomic knowledge so that you can identify potential ergonomic issues in your workplace. The training will go through a few key ergonomic risk factors that are easy to spot at a regular workplace. It teaches participants how to avoid ergonomic dangers at work and at home by using right technique, including how to implement simple approaches to improve workplace ergonomics.

Learning Objectives


Learners will be able to apply the fundamental concepts of ergonomics in the workplace


Learners will be able to know how to do an ergonomic workplace study, as well as how to assess and rank hazards


Learners will be able to identify various control methods and how to select the method best suited to the level of risk


Learners will be able to develop steps to put together an effective ergonomics program at the place of business


Learners will be able to understand the breadth and scope of occupational ergonomics

Course Outline

Day One
  •  Introduction and Definition of Ergonomics
  •  Benefits of Ergonomics
  •  Physical Stressors That Cause Ergonomic Disorders
  •  Understanding Cumulative Trauma Disorders (CTDs)
  •  Types of CTDs & Preventing CTDs
  •  Eyestrain and Video Display Terminals. Symptoms & Preventing Eyestrain
  •  Workstation Design
  •  Injuries from Work Process
  •  Employee Involvement in Ergonomics
  •  Suggestions for Avoiding Ergonomic Disorders
  •  Risks in office environment
  •  Ergonomics applies to you, no matter what your job duties
  •  Repetitive motion injuries
  •  Muscle strain in back or neck

Who Should Attend?

This highly practical and interactive course has been specifically designed for:

The course is suited to all, especially those who have an interest in workplace ergonomics and who want to learn more about possible interventions for assessing and improving worker comfort, safety, and performance;  business owners, managers, supervisors and HR professionals.

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