Ethics for Professional Engineers


The Code provides ethical guidance to engineers in their various roles

Ethics for Professional Engineers Services

The engineering profession is regarded as critical to the public’s safety, health, and welfare. Engineers must not only acquire and maintain a high degree of technical expertise and competence in order to effectively serve the public and secure the well-being of society, but they must also act under the standard of professional behavior while adhering to the highest ethical values. Codes of ethics embody the ethical standards that govern the engineering profession. State boards of registration, professional engineering groups, and even certain private industries have adopted such codes.

This course examines the ethical principles and circumstances that are pertinent to professional engineering in depth. The course provides a rigorous but approachable guide for professional engineers to get to grips with the ethical dimensions of their job, drawing on current research in ethical philosophy and specific engineering case studies.

The training begins with the idea that becoming a professional engineer entails not just technical expertise but also ethical consciousness. Learners delve into the ethical aspects of professions in general, and engineering in particular, in depth.

You’ll look at numerous essential ethical principles such as identifying as a professional engineer, accepting and adhering to a code of ethics, and belonging to a professional body. The course also covers engineers’ social duties to the general public, as well as what to do when those responsibilities collide with the interests of an employer or customer.

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