Groundwater Treatment Technologies

Engineering and Technical

 This training is designed for those who would  anticipate into the Engineering and Technical Industry

Groundwater Treatment Technologies

A key resource on groundwater remediation, thoroughly updated and revised The cleanup of groundwater is unique. Unlike every other type of water, groundwater is not self-cleaning; we must clean the body of water, the aquifer, itself. Evan Nyer’s Groundwater Treatment Technology has been the key to understanding the treatment of groundwater contamination for professionals in environmental engineering and treatment systems. Adapting to recent developments in technology, regulations, and approaches for mitigating newly monitored contaminants, 

Course Outline (Topics)

  • Iron and manganese design
  • Ion exchange design 
  • Aeration design 
  • Activated carbon design
  • Membrane softening and brackish water RO 
  • Activated alumina design 
  • Adsorptive media design 
  • Precipitation and filtration design 
  • Natural treatment process design 
  • Residuals handling design 
  • Mechanical dewatering design

Course Duration

2 days 

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