Instrumentation & control systems


Instrumentation structures are one of the fastest growing areas of mechanical engineering today due to their widespread use in many industries.

Instrumentation & control systems services

Instrument and control technology is a future-oriented profession with excellent career opportunities. Instrument and control system engineers are responsible for the design, construction, installation, and operation of systems that collect data from physical processes and convert it into digital information.

Instrumentation engineering technology is designed to educate students on all aspects related to instrumentation such as theory, design, analysis and experimentation, as well as practical skills in various industries such as electronics manufacturing and software development.

A better understanding of the measurement equipment and instruments can help the operator develop and improve his or her performance, which will increase plant performance. A better understanding of how equipment is chosen, produced, and used aids an operator in identifying the source of problems and preventing their recurrence.

The training course will provide you with the awareness of the various types of measuring and control instruments and equipment that are utilized, as well as the principles that govern the selection, building, and operation of process measurement and control equipment.

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