Level 4 International Award in Managing Food Safety in Catering

Health and Safety

This training is designed for those who would  anticipate into the Health and Safety Industries

 Level 4 International Award in Managing Food Safety in Catering


Who is this qualification for?

The objective of this qualification is to provide managers and potential managers employed in a catering or retail business, the knowledge to manage the business in a way which ensures the safety of the food prepared and/or sold. This is also suitable for food safety trainers responsible for training food handlers, supervisors and managers.   

How long will it take?

The guided learning hours for this qualification is 40 hours. ( 5 days)

Topics covered

This qualification covers the subject of food hygiene at a suitable depth to ensure learners have a thorough knowledge of hazards and controls; its focus is on the importance of developing, implementing and monitoring food safety procedures. 

Assessment Method

This qualification is assessed by multiple-choice examination.

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