Lubricants and Lubrications

Mechanical & HVAC

Lubricants and Lubrications

  1. Introduction to lubricants and lubrication
  2. Types of lubricants (fluids, semi-fluids, and solids)
  3. Properties of lubricants (viscosity, flash point, pour point, etc.)
  4. Lubrication regimes (boundary, mixed, and hydrodynamic)
  5. Lubrication systems (splash, bath, circulating, and pressure-fed)
  6. Lubricant selection and application
  7. Lubricant contamination and filtration
  8. Lubricant analysis and condition monitoring
  9. Lubricant storage and handling
  10. Lubrication maintenance and troubleshooting

The course aims to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of lubricants and their role in mechanical systems. It covers the fundamentals of lubrication, including the types and properties of lubricants, lubrication regimes, and lubrication systems. Participants will also learn how to select and apply lubricants, as well as how to monitor their condition and perform maintenance and troubleshooting.

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