Mobile scaffolding Operator Safety


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Mobile Scaffolding Operator Safety :: This course provides Mobile Scaffold Operations training for the personnel at plants utilizing mobile scaffold for working at height. It helps
attendees to gain knowledge and competence to use Mobile Scaffold safely and execute tasks in regulatory requirements. This course provides every professional involved
with the knowledge and skills to ensure the safe use Mobile Scaffold as per OSHAD SF (CoP – 23, 26 etc.)

Learning Objectives

✓ Understand hazards associated with Scaffold works
✓ Fall protection methods and safety requirements
✓ PPE requirements
✓ Types ofscaffolds
✓ Parts ofscaffolds
✓ Inspection and selection of scaffold parts/materials
✓ Scaffold Erection Procedure
✓ Scaffold capacity understanding
✓ Platformrequirements
✓ Access requirements
✓ Scaffold height limitrequirements
✓ Scaffold support,securing and Outrigger attachmentrequirement
✓ Mobile Tower erection
✓ Use requirements
✓ Does and Don’ts of using scaffold
✓ Scaffold Tagging system
✓ Dismantling procedure
✓ Guard Rail requirements
✓ Scaffold bracing requirements

Course Outline

Day One
  • troduction to Health & Safety
  • Introductory Video on scaffold safety 
  • Scaffolding Hazards 
  • Introduction to Health& Safety 
  • Introductory Video on scaffold safety
  • Scaffolding Hazards
  • PPE requirements
  • Fall protection methods and safety requirements 
  • Introduction to Scaffolds and its Classification 
  • Fall Protection 
  • Parts of scaffold 
  • Accessories ofscaffolds 
  • Inspection and selection of scaffold parts/materials 
  • Scaffold Erection Procedure 
  • Scaffold capacity understanding 
  • Loads classifications
  • Ladder installation and Safety 
  • Guardrails
  • Platform specifications
  • Bracing specifications
  • Tie and securing provisions specifications
  • Mobile Tower erection and use requirements
  • Use requirements
  • Does and Don’ts of using scaffold
  • Scaffold Tagging system
  • Scaffold Practical
  • Dismantling procedure
  • Summery

Who Should Attend?

This highly practical and interactive course has been specifically designed for:

  • Requiring skills to work in areas with potential risks and unhealthy atmospheres.
  • Acting as rescue personnel, managing, or supervising evacuations from confined spaces.

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