Project Delivery Methods


All construction projects require a mixture of services, including planning, design, and construction.

Project Delivery Methods Services

Construction project delivery techniques offer a variety of ways to contractually structure such services in order to complete a project.

While each project team typically consists of an owner, a designer, and a builder, the manner in which each project is carried out varies. Before you start designing, you must choose the correct project delivery mechanism because it determines how the team will communicate and how payments will be handled.

This course teaches the fundamentals of traditional and alternative project delivery. Design-bid-build, design-build, construction manager-at-risk, and public private partnerships are included.

The course will run through important criteria including the fundamentals of traditional and alternative project delivery: design-bid-build; design-build; construction manager-at-risk; and public/private partnerships. Also, how to select a project delivery method for a project will be talked about.

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