Site Problems During Masonry Construction


Masonry is an integral part of the construction of both commercial and residential structures.

Site Problems During Masonry Construction Services

A mason is a construction worker who builds structures from various individual parts, which are often laid in and bound together by mortar. This includes the construction and maintenance of foundations, floors, beams, buildings, and columns made of stone, blocks, and bricks.

The goal of this training is to assist engineers to understand and avoid the common causes of masonry issues. The course discusses which masonry components, designs, and details likely to cause the most difficulties — and the resulting litigation — based on published research and his own significant design and forensic experience.

The course will begin with an overview of the common causes of masonry problems; one of the most prevalent sources of complaints is wall leakage, which is repaired initially. The problems caused by deterioration of masonry and mortar, as well as corrosion of embedded steel parts such as lintels, will also are covered. Topics like wall cracking, which is an easily evident masonry flaw, followed by wind-induced wall failures will be focused on as well.

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