Surface Water Treatment Plant


Any organization’s water treatments plants involve a wide range of requirements for process design of surface water treatment technologies

Water treatment plant Services

Water treatment is the process of preparing water for use or returning it to its natural form. As a result, water treatment is required both before and after its use. The type of treatment required is determined on the application. Science, engineering, business, and art all have a role in water treatment. Mechanical, physical, biological, and chemical approaches may be used in the treatment. Science is the foundation of any technology, and engineering ensures that the technology functions as intended. Water’s look and application are both works of art.

The main intent of this course is to familiarize practitioners with the requirements for process design of surface water treatment technologies. The knowledge gained throughout this course will allow participants to identify and calculate the key design criteria for water treatment processes. 

The course will run through important criteria including the applicability of surface water treatment plant processes. In Addition, information required to identify the unit processes in a surface water treatment plant design. Also, how to calculate surface water treatment plant design criteria will be talked about.

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